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The Golden Time for Environment Protection Lighting Industry Is Coming! 2016-03-28 10:20:09 作者:SystemMaster 滥觞:

  Not long time ago, the world first zero power consumption chip was successfully developed. This technology could solve the power consumption problem for the electronic products under stand-by condition. Before this, the power consumption under stand-by condition of an electronic product is 0.35W, now it is really ZERO!

For lighting, people have a stable demand on the brightness. In the future, the lighting brightness could be automatically changed according to the change of sunshine. People won’t be able to notice the existence of luminaires via the implementation of sensors. The lightings will be automatically turned on when people get home and turned out when there are plenty sun light. These change need intelligent control to realize, and the key of the intelligent control is the chip. 

So far, lighting technology is experiencing an unprecedented revolution, i.e., from lamp bulb and fluorescent lamp to LED luminaires.The new LED with white light only consumes 1/10 power of that of traditional lamp bulb. That’s why LED can save mass power and resources no matter on the materials purchasing aspect or on the operating aspect. In the near future, RGB LED will replace the combination of blue LED and fluorescent phosphor to meet high brightness lighting demand and realize dynamic control on the light colors.

It is known that lighting takes 20%-30% of the world electricity power consumption. Some people in lighting industry concluded that the next 3 years will be the golden time for LED industry, the next 5 to 10 years will release billions of market value, and Giant firm may be born with merger and consolidation surge.

How to succeed in the LED market? Some successful people said it is better to investigate the market, to sort out the channel, to create new products, to gain trust, and then to push the market to move. In the power-saving service industry, there are about 1000 companies connected with lighting among the registered 3210 companies. So it is quite clear that who commands the chip technology, will voice himself on the lighting market and will havea brighter future.