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Primo Guangzhou Production Base Was set up 2016-03-10 13:26:49 作者:SystemMaster 滥觞:

Primo Opto Electronics (Shanghai) Limited finished its restructure in August 2015 and formally joined Leyard Group. So far, Primo’s new production base, Guangzhou Primo Optoelectronics Limited has been set up after meticulous preparation.


² Production Base

Equipped with full facilities, green and efficient production lines, managed by system integrating quality, environment and safety, Primo has stepped into a superior level.Product quality is assured by consciousness of processing and quality system. With advanced core facilities, leverages best balance among quality, lead time and cost.


Guangzhou site establish Test Lab in line with IEC standard, guarantees test and verification optic, thermal, mechanical parameters and  protection class as well as electric safety  our luminaires

²   Product Development and Technology Support

We provide professional support to our Client, Main Contractors, Lighting Designers and Construction Contractor at every project stage, to get to grips with the boundless possibilities of lighting.

With 15 years working in lighting business, Primo has developed mature LED lighting technology and rich experience of lighting projects, while a professional engineering team of technical support and development is built.  We are able to deliver professional project support from initial concept to the completion and maintenance stage.



² 金沙5wk room

  The brand new showroom which combined the light experience with product experience together is looking forward to your visit!